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What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Most orders are sent via USPS First Class or Priority Mail

How quickly are orders received?

Super quick! We know how important fast shipping is to you. We strive to ship all orders the day they are received, or the next business day. To be as efficient as possible we do not allow orders to be canceled, changed, or combined once they are placed. Please ensure shipping addresses, sizes, and all other details are correct before finalizing your orders. Most orders are sent via USPS First Class or Priority Mail, and you will typically receive your orders in 3-5 business.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

All Major Credit Cards, Paypal

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, but please keep in mind that there is an additional shipping charge and it will take longer to receive the product then the standard 3-7 business days.


How do I return an item?

We accept returns for quality issue. If you receive a damaged or defective item we will send a replacement at no charge, or issue you a full refund. Send an email to hello@thenerddiva.co with your order number and let us know which items was defective and we will get you taken care of right away.

I placed an order but haven't gotten shipping confirmation yet, What do I do?

We strive to ship all orders in 1-2 business days, so if it's still in that window keep an eye out for a shipping confirmation soon. :) If you still haven't received shipping confirmation after two business days send us a chat with the order number and we can do a little digging for you.

I never received my order, What do I do?

It's rare, but occasionally a package gets lost in the mail, stolen, or disappears to who knows where. We will take care of you in those situations! If you have a package you think is lost, before contacting us: **First, check your mailbox! We've had customers expecting a package on the doorstep that are certain it has been stolen, only to find out it was simply delivered to the mailbox instead. Sometimes it's just that easy. :) ** Next check the delivery drive notes in the tracking info. They'll often mention if they left the package with a neighbor or in a different location. ** Third double or triple check with anyone else in the house. It's pretty common a child or spouse or roommate got their package and forgot to tell you it's on the counter. ** If it's is still MIA, next reach out to your local post office (not the 1-800 number) or delivery driver. We've seen lots of cases where the package was simply delivered to the wrong address and USPS was able to retrieve it and deliver it. ****If after all that there is STILL no sign of the rascally package, and it's been at least a week since it first left our warehouse, then is the time to contact us. Depending on the situation we can then take care of you, send replacements if we have them, offer different items, offer a refund, etc.

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